Contribution: Mark Peters, Ottawa ON

CFCF 600’s Dave Boxer in London presenting his petition containing thousands upon thousands of names to Paul McCartney and John Lennon *, urging the Beatles and their manager Brian Epstein * to reconsider and to return to Montréal during their NA tour of 1965.

Unfortunately, the answer will be... Not A Second Time”

Note: all four Beatles would eventually return to Montréal as solo artists at least once, either to perform live or for various promotional tours. Formula 1 fan George Harrison * becomes particularly fond of the city and its “Grand Prix du Canada”, discreetly slipping into town incognito on numerous occasions to attend the pre-event parties and the race itself.

Montréal's Beatle Dates (other than September 8, 1964 as a group)

John Lennon * (Queen Elizabeth Hotel, May 26-June 2, 1969, Bed-In For Peace)
George Harrison * Forum, December 8, 1974, Ringo Starr Bell Centre, July 27, 2001
Paul McCartney Forum, December 9, 1989 – Bell Centre, August 12, 2010 and July 26/27, 2011

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