Contribution: Clint Day, Pointe-Claire, Québec

“Ah…the “Mapes”. Smiling yet? Located in Pointe-Claire, on the Lakeshore in between Hillside and Lakeview Avenues forever it seems, this sandy-coloured cottage-like West Island landmark took you in from a winding veranda at the entrance and featured a narrow oblong snack bar-restaurant inside to the left of the structure, with the club down the hall to the right and the rooms upstairs. Matter of fact, my paternal grandfather was the Maples’night watchman after he retired in the early Sixties.

The Maples Inn was a classy and respectable venue with tourists and locals alike…until the mid-Sixties. That was the beginning of the “shady” years with the police frequently on hand, night and day.

I remember some CKGM and CHOM colleagues and I being invited to attend a reunion of the raucous Sixties rock band The Rabble at the Mapes in the mid-Seventies. Amazingly, we survived the night to tell the tale!

Following a suspicious fire, on February 7, 1985, the land eventually gave way to condos in the early Nineties.”

Marc Denis, CKGM Super 70 Tribute Page Curator

The Rabble at the Mapes (Reunion '74) “Golden Girl (live)”

Audio contribution: Mike Curtis, Montréal

Contribution : Brian Greenway (April Wine), Montréal

The Maples Inn (1897-1985)
Pointe-Claire, Québec

A brief history of the legendary Maples Inn
by Rob Carr

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