Contribution: Clint Day, Pointe-Claire, Québec

“Located in Pointe-Claire, right around the bend in between Bowling Green Crescent and Brunet Avenue on the Lakeshore right on the water thus, the name. Anyone who grew up in Montréal, especially on the West Island, knows that “The Edge” was not first and foremost a guitarist in a band called U2. From jazz and pop crooners to rock to disco to calypso, there was always great live entertainment happening at “The Edge”, top or bottom floor or outside by the pool and marina under the stars. I remember my Dad honing his public-speaking skills there at the Edgewater’s Toast Masters Club in the early Sixties.

“The Edge” got so rough and rowdy near the end of its history that neighbouring home owners lobbied hard to close it down. They got their wish: today, the venerable Edgewater building is long-gone, having made way for a municipal parking lot and a lakeside park overlooking Lac St-Louis.”

Marc Denis, CKGM Super 70 Tribute Page Curator

Crédit: B. Legault-MJ Tremblay

The Edgewater Hotel, Pointe-Claire, circa 1984

Marc Denis’ CKGM Super 70s Tribute Page