Airchecks and Jingles - Fox Calls









Gary Bell 1977 (with Peter Rae newscast)
Gary Bell w. Joe Evans 1977 (The killing of the Fox)
Gerry Dixon 1972 (country format)
Joe Evans 1977 (Rock ’n Roll Weekend, 10 days to shutdown)
Dean Hagopian 1968 (Tonto tells one for the road)
George Jordan 1972 (country format)
Tom Kelly 1973 (country format)
Ted Murphy 1973 (afternoon news)
1470 CFOX Western Swing Theme (Sinclair show, early 60s)


This is the actual 1470 CFOX RCA 44 BX acquired and restored by owner contributor Howard Schwartz when CFOX closed.

Syd Patrick 1977 (Reunion w. Hagopian, Chandler, Scott, Ancell)
Allan Saunders 1960 (first ever newscast, day one)
Roger Scott 1969 ('Is Paul Dead ?' phoner w. Tom Smith)
Roger Scott 1970 (Montreal hotel room chat w. Robert Plant)
Roger Scott 1971 (New Year’s day, Top 100 Countdown)
Roger Scott 1943-1989 (Roger reflects on CFOX, '89 BBC Tribute)
Gord Sinclair 1960 (first hour, day one)
Gord Sinclair 1969 (moon landing editorial)
Gord Sinclair 1977 (accountant Anne Bell’s retirement party)
John Sykes 1969 (noon news)
Ted Tevan 1973 (the winner's circle)
Guy Thibaudeau 1967 (Expo '67 daily reports)
Mike Williams 1977 (goodbye…just like that !)
1470 CFOX Montreal Jingles (1964-65 country composite)
1470 CFOX Montreal Jingles (late 60s Top 40 composite)
1470 CFOX Montreal Jingles (early 70s Top 40 composite)







This is the actual 1470 CFOX RCA 77 DX which ended up never being used at CFOX. Thank you to owner contributor Donald Major.

Your donation is much appreciated and goes strictly towards the costs of building and updating this 1470 CFOX Montreal Radio Archive. We have (and receive) much 1470 CFOX material. Your generous donation will help us process it online. Thank you on behalf of all who remember the little Pointe-Claire station that could...and did!
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