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Marc Denis’
1470 CFOX Montreal
Radio Archive
is dedicated to the memory of “Good Guys”
Bob Ancell, Bob Gibbons,
Andy K, Ron Legge, Roger Scott and
founder / co-owner
Gord Sinclair.
1470 CFOX Building 1969
1470 CFOX, corner of Hymus and St-Jean, Pointe-Claire (1969)

1470 CFOX Building Now
The corner of Hymus and St-Jean today,
home to the offices of Canada Trust
Dear friends of “CHARLIE FOX” in Montreal and wherever else you make your home today:

Welcome to Marc Denis' 1470 CFOX Montreal Radio Archive in salute to
“The little radio station in suburban West Island Pointe-Claire that could...and did”.
Big time.

I have worked on-air on many Montreal radio stations over the decades, English and French, but 1470 CFOX was not one of them. Mind you, my own broadcasting career start was just a couple of years away during the station's Golden Era of The Sixties. But I was a listener and a fan...and lived only a few blocks away.
The “Fox” had inspired.

As a parallel twin to my 980 CKGM Super 70s Tribute Page, this is our special place on the Web that ensures that the original “C-F-O-X” radio station in Canada (on 1470 AM in Montreal from 1960 to 1977) is never forgotten.

As well, this site is dedicated to the memory of the “1470 CFOX Good Guys” who have left us: Bob Ancell, Bob Gibbons, Andy K, Ron Legge, Roger Scott
and Gord Sinclair.

Marc Denis and Roger Scott - 1983

Marc ‘Mais Oui’ Denis guesting with former 1470 CFOX-er
Roger Scott at Capital Radio in London, September 1983

(timpany roll)

And now Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back
1470 CFOX...the Island City-yy

And the hits just keep on comin'
...once again!


Marc Denis, host & curator
The 1470 CFOX Montreal Radio Archive

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